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Practice mentali(tee)

"Practice puts brains in your muscles." Sam Snead

Some experts say it takes 10,000 repetitions to create muscle memory. Think about that number for a minute. You brush your teeth twice a day (if not, please do). That means in 5,000 days (or 13.7 years) you will have brushed your teeth 10,000 times.

Now think about that number in terms of swings. If you take 100 swings three times a week it would take you over 33 weeks (or more than 8 months) to take 10,000 cuts. That is a LONG time.

Building muscle memory is a critical component to your success at the plate as a hitter. Putting yourself in the same position -- the same correct position -- over and over makes your body remember how to react, creating a subconscious reaction when you register a certain pitch.

I start all of my hitting lessons on the tee for this very reason. With intentional tee repetitions, you teach your body to react correctly to different pitch scenarios, i.e., low and out or up and in. Swinging with intention, though, is a must. That means:

  • Approaching the tee as if you are entering the batter's box

  • Having a specific goal with your approach (a pitch down the middle, low and out, up and in, etc.)

  • Focusing on quality over quantity

Obviously, tee work alone is not the answer but it can set you up for success as you shift into side toss, front toss and eventually live pitching practice reps.

So focus on your practice mentality by taking quality cuts that create muscle memory and boost your plate performance.

For information on hitting lessons, check out our Services tab.

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