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What is torque and what does it have to do with my softball swing?

To generate power in your softball swing, it is critically important that you create torque in your body. But you are probably asking yourself ... what in the heck is #torque? Well, it's time to head to physics class. Torque is a measure of force that can cause an object to rotate about an axis. That axis is you, the hitter.

Unfortunately, so many of our young athletes are using only their arms to generate power at the plate when, in fact, they should be using their whole body to create resistance through a sequence of events to generate bat speed and power.

Power hitting starts from the ground up. To become an explosive hitter, our hips have to start rotating, separate from our shoulders. This push and pull between the bottom of our body and the top of our body creates the necessary torque described above.

Once the hips engage, the center mass shifts and starts rotation, then arm action begins and the barrel drives towards the ball and through extension.

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